Water Damage, and Other Problems that Even Celebrities Face

flooded water damaged roomRihanna is famous for a lot of things; being one of the world’s most bankable singers, her explicit sexuality, her fascinating tattoo collection, her troubled relationship with fellow performer Chris Brown, and her ever-changing physical appearance. She is not as well-known for being a victim of serious water damage. Despite reaching heights which are unachievable for us mere mortals, her water damage experience shows us that celebrities are not untouchable and that they experience real world problems too. In the incident, Rihanna suffered extensive damage to her new mansion and some of her possessions. The water damage happened because the mansion had (allegedly) been sold to her without the proper waterproofing facilities. Because she was not living in the property at the time, the water damage was not noticed straight away, and mold was able to take hold. This mold reported destroyed some of Rihanna’s most famous outfits and accessories, as well as some of her other personal possessions. She was left with thousands of dollars in water damage restoration and mold removal fees. So do other celebrities face everyday problems too?

Locked Out!

Star of The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev admitted that she had to sit outside her own front door for half an hour, after leaving home without her keys. She had walked to a nearby meeting without her purse or her phone, expecting someone to be in when she got back home, but she returned to find that everyone else had gone out to brunch without her. She was forced to wait outside for over 30 minutes until they arrived home!

Taking out the Trash

50 Cent shocked his fans by tweeting his outrage that his grandmother had asked him to take out the trash for her. His disbelieving tweet said “I cant believe my Grandmothers making me take out the garbage Im rich Im going home I dont need this. Many hearts went out to Fiddy’s grandmother that night, and many other people were left wondering about who normally takes out the trash at his place.

Low Battery

Another singer who has been tweeting about their problems is Professor Green, who was very upset that he had been lugging his laptop around with him, and now only had 14 minutes battery left. To make matters worse, he forgot to bring a working charger. It is refreshing to hear that the Professor does not have someone to carry his appliances round for him. Let’s hope he used his phone to tweet, and didn’t waste any of his precious minutes of battery life. Ashton Kutcher is another celebrity who has taken to the Twittersphere to bemoan the fact that everything we rely on these days needs charging. We feel your pain, Ashton, we really do.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson also publically expressed her frustration about technology saying one thing, and then doing another. Her anger was directed towards her printer, which claimed it could not print because of a lack of paper, despite the paper drawer being full. We have all been there. It is a shame that Emma couldn’t just magic up a solution.

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