Using Room Dividers as functional and stylish partitions

room divider in homeRoom dividers are used to partition rooms in a functional way yet adding flair to the room at the same time. A room divider can easily turn a one room into two, yet retaining or adding to its style. Room dividers will come in different materials, varieties, styles and features. Searching for a room divider can be tedious if one is not conversant with the art. KNR Sliding Doors Company thus comes handy to fit perfect customized contemporary room dividers. They are used by homeowners, architects, designers and contractors alike to upgrade and modernize spaces while providing bonus spaces with a fresher look.

Identifying a Perfect Room Divider

Identifying the purpose for the room divider is essential when in search of one. A contemporary room divider can be used to make a room look and feel cozy, create storage, separate rooms etc. With the purpose identified the task of getting a divider is achieved easily and customized with the KNR sliding door room dividers.

Room dividers should complement a room’s décor and ambience while reconfiguring the same. Since they come in various materials, features, shapes and styles, the choice on how subtle or eye catching a divider is, can be defined by choice of the material. A choice that is made depending on the subject matter one has in mind. Questions like how you want the room to look and feel serve as a guide: do you want an aquatic look, African look or a mixture of both etc?

Room dividers may also come with added features to compliment their purpose. These added features compliment to the decor of a room and to a larger extent the functionality of the divider. Thus it can be mirrored or even painted with pockets or panels added for holding artifacts and or even photo frames.

Why Use the KNR Sliding Doors as Dividers

The KNR Sliding Doors Company showcases dividers with clean attractive lines which compliment the existing décor in a room. They blend easily and the quite glide makes it more appealing as a divider. By using a glass divider, various glass options can be chosen from, to achieve the right amount of light or afford some privacy. For instance, frosted or smoked glass would make for muted palette of color whereas clear glass would allow a free exchange of light between the objects in a room and the spaces. Some privacy would also be achieved if the smoked glass is used instead of clear glass.

With the KNR sliding door dividers, the overall look of beauty is enhanced with the original style being retained or complimented further. This is made possible from the variety offered in terms of frames, door styles, and material (wooden or glass). The sliding door dividers are customized to fit a client’s specification in terms of sizes and designs. The materials used with the KNR sliding door designs are of a very high quality, recyclable, environment friendly. The KNR sliding door materials used, come in standards of 6mm for glass and 2.5 inch for the aluminum frame to offer durability and stability.


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